How to get Involved

Getting involved with the development of ReconOS and/or applications using it is easy. There are a number of different ways how you can contribute to and improve the ReconOS architecture and strengthen the community.

Ask about it

Once you’ve gotten a grip on the ReconOS concepts and current implementation (e.g. by reading through our publications and by trying out the tutorial and/or demo builds), the best way to close any remaining gaps in your understanding of ReconOS is by asking questions on the developer forum, which is monitored by most of our active developers. Chances are good that you might identify an area for improvement or add a different perspective on the current state of work. Discussions are good, and there’s no such thing as a dumb question.

Use it

Arguably the best way to spread the word about ReconOS (and along the way find out where to improve it) is to use it. If you can come up with a new or improved application using partial reconfiguration, can think of a useful set of APIs or host operating systems, can add support for a new interconnect, or can plainly report success on a project where you’ve used ReconOS - all contributions are welcomed and valued.

Fix it

If you’ve identified an area for improvement (be it in the documentation or in the code), it’s rather straightforward to add your improvements into the project. You can, of course, always fork the project (as long as you keep within the license(s)), but by far the preferred way is to submit your additions as a patch to the mainline ReconOS repository as a pull request. Before submitting code, be sure to have read and understood the applicable software licenses, and fill out a Contributor License Agreement) - this helps us to keep the codebase straight and clean of any licensing deviations. Again, you’re most welcome to ask about and discuss changes within the developer forum.

Also, if you’re interested in setting up a more involved collaboration, e.g. within a larger research project which you think could benefit from or add to ReconOS, please get in touch with us either through the developer forum or directly via e-mail.